Thursday, March 28, 2013

NDEO survey (vital information!)

This is a little different from my usual post, but it's an important issue, so… The NDEO (National Dance Education Organization) has been conducting a survey to try to establish a database of K-12 dance programs across the country. One of the reasons that this survey is vitally important is because Dance as an academic discipline has traditionally been left out of the FRSS (Fast Response Survey System) surveys established by the National Center for Education Statistics to collect issue-oriented education data… which is then used in congressional testimony, Department of Education reports, and all kinds of education advocacy. Dance has been left out of these surveys because of the (circular) reason that we just don't know how much dance is out there in the schools! Meaning, of course, that when funding and curriculum decisions are made, we are left out of the conversation again…

So — NDEO began a survey to begin to remedy this situation. The deadline for filling it out has been extended to April 6th — if anyone out there reading this is in a K-12 program and hasn't filled it out, or even knows colleagues who have yet to fill it out, please get to it! The survey form itself is here: K-12 Data Collection Form; with more information about it on NDEO's homepage. Thanks, everyone!

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